Simplify Mileage Reimbursements With Time & Attendance Software

What does reporting business miles have to do with time & attendance? These days, more than you might think.

When employees travel for business they’re often on the clock

More and more of today’s workers need to report business miles for expense reimbursement.

Whether they are remote workers, or on-the-go professionals who are building connections and closing deals, they need to log road miles. With reliable software and mobile applications, these workers can be better equipped to do their jobs effectively, without worrying about capturing every mile they travel in a spreadsheet, or on a notepad.

Ideally, when workers are on the clock and on the road, their tools provide them with the same level of accuracy and clarity they receive from time & attendance software. Is this the case at your organization?

Mileage reports are an important aspect of employee travel. Without them, how would your company reimburse people for the business miles they log? What’s more, these reports can also provide useful information that helps managers set future travel budgets, and measure ROI of certain projects and campaigns.

Reporting miles, and submitting reports for reimbursement should be easy enough. But that’s not always the case.

The idea of capturing drive miles, whether on paper or spreadsheet, sounds simple. However, things can get tricky for a number of different reasons.

  • Employees might forget to set or check the odometer after a trip.
  • They might lose the mileage notes they scratched down between meetings.
  • Or, they might mix up business and personal miles on the same trip.

When it’s time to submit their expense reimbursement reports, any of the above situations can result in a  guesstimate of the worker’s miles.

When working remotely is part of your business culture, equip your people with solutions that give them more flexibility, greater accuracy, and less to think about.

As a cloud-based time & attendance solution, stratustime seeks to launch fast, responsive updates, and create back-end innovations that deliver what end-users and companies want. This includes our new mileage calculator for expense reimbursement  feature.

Accuracy is essential in the world of time & attendance. A series of new features from stratustime, including the new mileage calculator for expense reimbursements, can help you add new levels of accuracy to the way you track time, reimburse for road miles, and more.  Read the report, “Next-Gen Features for Time & Attendance,” to learn more about these innovations.

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Report every business mile

The last time we checked, guesstimating miles is not a sound business strategy. stratustime’s new mobile Mileage Calculator for Expense Reimbursements lets employees document their travel, and submit mileage reimbursements reports, via the same application they already use to track time & attendance.

Eliminate redundant administrative work.

  • Using the geolocation feature on their mobile device, employees simply pin their start and stop destination.
  • Then, they can use their preferred map application, such as Google Maps, to identify miles for a given route.
  • From there, reporting miles within stratustime can be as easy as tapping the start button, driving, and tapping the stop button when they arrive.
  • And, the feature can automatically submit a pay adjustment according to your company’s mileage reimbursement rate.

The mileage calculator for expense reimbursements does not “track” employees’ movements

  • The feature measures their selected route, then submits expense reimbursements based on mileage according to their map application.
  • In addition, employees can input information related to previous business miles. All they have to do is follow the same steps above, input routes they’ve taken on past business trips, and submit mileage expense reimbursements.
  • This can be especially helpful for companies that have only recently switched to stratustime, or for employees who are trying to catch up on mileage expense reimbursements.

Once completed, the mileage calculator for expense reimbursements feature makes it easy for managers to review mileage expense reimbursements, and approve routes before a reimbursement goes to payroll.

And workers can let stratustime report their business miles for them.

When it comes to things like clocking in and out, keeping an eye on schedules, and submitting mileage expense reimbursements, companies and workers appreciate when things are simple, flexible, and accurate. Find out how stratustime can help you achieve these goals, with new ways to report, manage, and get the most out of time.

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