The Benefits of a Self-Service System

Having a self-service workforce management system that employees and managers can access at all times can be an important element to maintaining productivity levels within the workplace.

Because companies depend on their employees for accuracy, a self-service workforce management system can require your employees to remain consistent with their attendance as well as improve your time tracking accuracy within the office.

Whether it’s through a computer, smartphone, tablet or a community device – access should not be an issue.

For organizations looking to deploy a self-service solution, their system should include the following features:

• Access through a cloud-clock, mobile interface, web kiosk or telephony/IVR device

• Clock in and out

• Transfer information between departments

• Track and review hours and schedules

• Manage accruals, set alerts, renewal notifications and reconcile time punches

• Automatically forecast according to seasonal trends and staffing needs

• Report hours based on labor levels

• Monitor employee infractions and overtime

Self-service can make life easier both from an employee productivity perspective and an HR administrative one as well.

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