Is Your Time and Attendance Data Relevant to Your HR Objectives?

Remember when your personnel file was an actual manila folder inside someone’s desk? Well, software has long replaced that paper-based system (at least, we hope so) and human resource (HR) technologies now rule.

HR management systems consolidate every aspect of a person’s employment from recruitment to reward and retention. And an advanced time and attendance system –– that seamlessly integrates into your HR platform –– can actually help bolster the HR process in many ways.

Let’s look at a tactical example, such as performance reviews. Someone made an effort to put in more time during a difficult project. Or a notoriously late employee has completely turned that behavior around. Your managers can quantify that time and attendance and make performance reviews more objective, tying pay raises to metrics.

Advanced time and attendance data can also help the HR process with high-level strategic moves for the company. Take, for example, what Wired Magazine calls “The Internet of Me” –– this fancy title is all about personalized relevance. And the wake-up call for all businesses is that Millennials expect it.

By examining the times your star employees clock in/out, take lunch, and what days they request off, you can better align individual brands to your organization’s brand.

Overall, advanced time and attendance data is about being an intelligent enterprise. You can just use clock in/out hours for payroll, or you can use it to better recruit, retain, and reward employees. That’s the competitive differentiation.

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