5 Ways to Use Time and Attendance Data to Improve Decision Making

The Wall Street Journal reports that data is a currency –– meaning it has value, just like cash.

Here are five ways you can use time and attendance data to further your business:

1. Identify problems before they happen.

We’re not saying that big downturns can’t suddenly occur; life happens. But when employees use an advanced time and attendance system, you can run easy-to-read reports and proactively monitor employee time monthly, weekly, daily –– heck, even hourly –– because the data is collected in real time.

2. Ensure quality staffing.

One feature of an advanced time and attendance system is a highly visual “dashboard.” In a calendar viewing, managers can see which employees have requested time off and if there is an operational conflict. With a degree of certainty, they can look ahead to future dates and make sure they are appropriately staffed.

3. Generate schedules quickly and efficiently.

In between sports practice for the kids and that cardio kickbox class at the gym, your employees then wonder: What days am I working? Make it easy for them by providing super-speedy access to schedules. An advanced time and attendance system has a scheduling feature that stores employee schedules, requested days off, and can even alert when someone is nearing overtime.

4. Make time more meaningful.

The Economist says the “Quantified Self” is a real movement, not a passing fad. An advanced time and attendance system lets you track time by task, project, client, or any other customized way your business slices up its day. You are busy. But are you spending your time on the tasks that are most meaningful? Therein lies a boost to the bottom line.

5. Hold people accountable.

We’ve reported before on employee time theft. An advanced time and attendance system that is based in the cloud is inviolate. Electronically clocking in/out is captured right down to the second in real time. And if for some reason the time does need to be altered, there is an accompanying chain of approvals making the authorization transparent. Your people know this. And when they step up to that time clock, they are ready and presenting themselves to be counted in. Now that’s good business.

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