Purchasing Time & Attendance Software for Tech Companies

In the last decade, tech companies of all sizes have come to rely on cloud-based software to improve workflow, strengthen connections, and give employees new ways to sync up across locations and teams.

What about a cloud-based solution for tracking schedules and logging time & attendance for tech companies?

For some newer time & attendance software companies, the cloud has always been their home. But a decade ago, when most time & attendance software companies were just mapping out their plans for migrating to the cloud, stratustime was already making its move.

Our goal: to create solutions that were as seamless and streamlined for our customers as possible.

Cloud Based Time Attendance

When stratustime became the first time & attendance software in the cloud, we moved toward a model that would allow for faster, more responsive updates. In the process, we began to push innovation in a way that would drive home a service model that delivers what customers need. This includes:

  1. Making it easy for customers to customize solutions to fit their needs;
  2. Providing greater data integrity; and
  3. Delivering software that remains highly compatible and scalable.

These same concerns continue to drive our service model today.

It’s natural for tech industry professionals to dig in, ask questions, and discover as much as they can about a software solution before they adopt it for their business. Our latest report, “Cloud-based Time & Attendance in the Tech Industry,” provides insight into how stratustime’s SaaS model can help you support your workforce and manage crucial business needs, starting with time & attendance.

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4 Features Tech Companies Should Look For in a Time & Attendance Solution

One of the chief measuring sticks we use when it comes to responding to what our tech customers need is in the way we answer their “What about…?” questions. Here are four of the most common “What about?” questions we hear, along with some answers:

  1. What about customization?

In our view, customization is a must-have for time & attendance software.

With tech companies, the ability to allocate costs to certain projects is an essential piece to a complete time & attendance solution. Tech startups, in particular, need to be able to generate monthly, quarterly and annual reports so company leaders and outside investors can see where funding dollars have gone.

  • stratustime helps you track hours across projects and jobs. If you’re a startup, this can be especially helpful when it comes to generating detailed return summaries for investors and outside advisors.
  1. What about data integrity and downtime?

Every system, on premise or in the cloud, can run into data corruption issues, unexpected downtime, or both.

To help stay ahead of this, stratustime invests an unrivaled level of resources in security, hosting and maintenance.

  • We use live or “hot” backups, and maintain multiple data centers, so we can migrate your data in minutes, as opposed to hours.
  • In addition, stratustime routinely undergoes security procedures of SAS70 Type II audits to test the security at our data centers.
  1. What about playing nice with other software?

This is actually one of the main “What about?” questions we get from customers in almost every industry. And it makes sense—after all, no one wants to invest in software that creates more challenges than it solves.

  • stratustime integrates with more than 60 payroll services. This helps eliminate worry, confusion, and even lost time talking with service reps to figure out why the systems aren’t talking to one another.
  • What’s more, we support multiple web browsers so your employees can access their scheduling and time & attendance information from anywhere, as long as they have web access.
  1. What about business growth and changes?

Our flexibility has always been about helping customers adapt and respond to their own changes. Whether a business grows in size, or changes the nature of its workforce to include more telecommuters, they shouldn’t need to update their time & attendance software.

  • stratustime’s model helps you create a subscription-based monthly cost that aligns with the features and functionality you need.
  • If and when it’s time to turn on other features, our tech associates and engineers are available to discuss your needs, and help you reconfigure the system to accommodate changes to projects or staffing.

Is your company exploring ways to add flexibility and consistency to the way you track time & attendance? With stratustime, you can speak with an engineer for a live demo. We’re happy to answer as many “What about?” as you like.

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