Top 5 Labor Analytics Tools in stratustime

Here at nettime solutions, we know you don’t have time to analyze labor data all day long. That’s why the tools we’ve developed in stratustime, our cloud-based time and attendance software solution, are intuitive, easy to use, and are focused on helping you make critical workforce decisions that will increase your overall productivity by allocating your labor resources appropriately.

1. Customizable Labor Data Charts

stratustime’s customizable interactive charts analyze labor data to help managers make informed workforce decisions by identifying patterns and helping predict operational needs.

2. Scheduled vs. Actual Hour Graphs

Use stratustime’s scheduled versus actual reporting graphs to quickly see how your actual labor hours compare to what was projected. You can also compare week to week, month to month, quarter to quarter, etc. Use these graphs to look for trends in your labor consumption and make informed decisions with live data.

3. Notifications Bar

Icons in stratustime’s menu bar warn managers of exceptions and missing punches, provide quick access, and leave managers with more time for managing employees.

4. Visual Scheduler Coverage View

Use the coverage view in stratustime’s visual scheduler to see employee schedules on a sliding timeline to quickly view the coverage of employees’ scheduled hours by day, week, or month.

5. Geolocation for Smartphones

Geolocation can help organizations reduce and eliminate time theft by their mobile employees. An employee’s geographic location is recorded with his or her punch. When clicked, the pin icon in the time card entry displays a map showing precisely when and where the employee punched.

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