Where Should I Set Up My Employee Time Clock?

The time clock is such a simple, mundane part of your business. However, it is also a driving part of your overall human resources picture. Employee time must be tracked accurately, and the time clock must be accessible to everyone. Chronic missed punches can lead to inaccuracies that can cost your business thousands of dollars in losses a year. If your clock is placed somewhere the employees don’t normally go, they may legitimately forget to punch-in—or they might be trying to pad their hours. You won’t know the truth will you?

Consider these 6 items when setting up an employee time clock:

  1. First things first.

What do your employees do immediately upon arriving to work? They might need to change into a uniform, in which case the time clock can be placed near their changing area. If they all must pass a certain point, such as a break room, you could place your punch clock there. Evaluate your employees’ common habits upon starting their shifts and place the time clock where they start their day.

  1. What systems do they use?

If your employees are working at computer workstations, installing time & attendance software on their machines might be a good solution. In restaurants, the POS system where waiters place their orders is a good location for a time clock. These days, browser-based time clocks can be placed on almost any device.

You may also consider having employees clock-in via mobile apps on their phones or other devices that they already have with them. Sophisticated time & attendance systems have geotracking features that allow managers to see where their employees logged in, so you know they were actually at the work location when they clocked in.

A remote time & attendance system is a great solution for construction sites. The foreman can clock in employees when they arrive from a central kiosk (an iPad or even the foreman’s mobile device)—even when the location doesn’t have wireless connectivity. Employees don’t have to learn a new system, and can get right to the work they do best.

  1. What’s their comfort level with technology?

It’s easy to assume that all people feel at home with technology. However, that is not always the case. Old-fashioned time clocks are still good solutions for workers that aren’t comfortable with software solutions. Employees can transfer data digitally to computer systems so that managers can access it to do payroll, make schedules, and analyze employee behaviors.

On the other hand, technically savvy employees may prefer a software system. Instead of having to corner their manager, they can see their schedule, check their vacation time, and even request time-off from a computer or their mobile device.

  1. Is there always a supervisor in the location where they clock in?

For some businesses, employees arrive to work independent of a direct supervisor. In this case, you need a solution for clocking in. You might designate a lead employee and assign her an iPad or other mobile device which she can use to clock in employees. With the addition of geotracking and fingerprint scans, you will be certain that your employees are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

  1. Confidence in your timesheets

Software packages with geotracking and fingerprint scans can add another layer of security and accountability to your time and attendance systems. Your time and attendance software can integrate with a GPS to show exactly where your employees are when they clock in. This eliminates problems with co-workers who clock-in for each other, and gives you added confidence in your timesheets.

  1. Cloud-based solutions

A cloud-based time and attendance system can give you the increased flexibility you need. Your employees can use a wide range of hardware devices to access the time clock software, and your IT team will have one less item to worry over. With no additional labor on your end, you will receive constant, seamless updates to your time clock software. Further, it will be accessible even if you lose power or experience a malware attack.


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