Workforce Management Tools for Staffing Agencies

Technology has changed for job seekers, hiring managers, HR professionals, and staffing agencies. It has sped up the application process, made recruiting and onboarding more efficient, and created new ways to engage with employees.

Staffing Agencies Are in Demand

For workers and employers, staffing agencies can be big time savers. Each month, millions of workers find temporary positions via staffing agencies, according to the American Staffing Association (ASA).

The drive for talent has affected the way companies hire, much to the benefit of staffing agencies.

Staffing agencies let businesses offload many workforce issues by handling recruiting, qualification, and manage critical functions related to payroll and employee taxes.

Companies use staffing agencies for many reasons, but two of the most common reasons may be:

  • In a competitive hiring environment, companies can find themselves short-staffed, or in-between hires. For them, it can be more efficient and effective to work with a staffing agency than it is to ramp up their own recruiting engines.
  • Temporary workers can technically be under contract with the staffing agency. When that is the case, the hiring company generally doesn’t have to worry about a number of operational pieces, including recruiting, payroll, workers comp, unemployment insurance, and FICA taxes.

Naturally, a company that brings in temporary workers may want to train them on company practices. That’s especially true in cases where the temporary hire might be a good fit for a future opening.

And, companies may want to equip temporary workers with workforce management tools that are easy to learn and use, including time & attendance applications.

So, how can workforce management solutions such as time & attendance software come into play when working with a staffing agency? We’ll explore three key points below.

What does the future of workforce management and time & attendance look like? Many companies are moving toward solutions that support bring-your-own device (BYOD) environments. Our recent report, “Enhance and Support Your BYOD Work Culture,” highlights a number of ways that stratustime continues to innovate to help support your time & attendance needs.

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Time & Attendance Software for Staffing Agencies

When companies hire temporary employees through a staffing agency, they hope the arrangement will be successful for the worker as well. Staffing agencies want workers to succeed.

When a staffing agency helps a company fill a temporary position, it doesn’t want to hear that the worker was a no-show, didn’t have the skills the job needed, or created issues in the workplace.

On the logistical side, staffing agencies have their own set of needs where workforce management solutions are concerned. And this includes time & attendance software.

1. Many staffing agencies struggle with maintaining accurate payroll data and information.

It’s important that the staffing agency’s time & attendance system syncs up with payroll, and is easy for temporary workers to use.

  • When you consider the fact that temporary workers may be working at multiple locations, and that many of them are working at different rates, it’s easy to see where the struggle comes from.
  • With a reliable, cloud-based time & attendance solution like stratustime, staffing firms can dramatically streamline the capture of clock in/out punches, switch between job codes, reimburse employee travel expenses and more.

2. Rely on a time & attendance solution that works across industries.

Some of the temporary workers you place will be tech savvy—they might even want to use their own devices at the workplace. However, others will not.

  • stratustime is an easy-to-use solution that can help simplify the way you apply and manage job costing labels. Also, the software makes it easy for workers to switch between jobs in cases where they’re working for different employers during the same period.
  • This type of ease-of-use cycles back to payroll and taxes, and can help simplify reporting.

3. Support workers, no matter how each employer tracks time.

Every company will have its own way of doing things. This includes how they track and report time. Some might still use a manual process like paper or a shared spreadsheet.

  • With stratustime’s mobile features, staffing agencies don’t have to worry about getting bogged down in a particular company’s time & attendance system.
  • Whether working on-site or remotely, staffed employees can clock in/out via stratustime’s mobile app or web-based application. When they do, their hours and wages will sync up with payroll systems.

Using stratustime, staffing agencies can capture all time punches in one place, and sync them with an employee’s wage information.

  • They can also generate reports that show how many hours the employee worked with different organizations, and create custom reports when employers request them.

Also, if temporary workers are required to track business miles as part of their assignment, staffing agencies can utilize stratustime’s Mileage Calculator for Expense Reimbursements.

  • The feature can provide miles for a selected route, and expense reimbursements can be submitted through the application.
  • Using the Mileage Calculator for Expense Reimbursements feature can dramatically help simplify and speed up the process of mileage expense reimbursements.

Temporary workers play essential roles in the workflow of many companies and organizations. Organizations that staff them might consider cloud-based workforce management solutions that help streamline the process start to finish.

Temporary workers can play vital roles for organizations, especially when there’s a staffing shortage. Make it easy for them to contribute right away. Find out how stratustime helps to streamline the learning curve when it comes to time & attendance.

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