3 Ways Time and Attendance Software Keeps Cool Heads During Summer

3 Ways Time and Attendance Software Keeps Cool Heads During Summer

We… don’t… feel… like… WORKING. But alas, we feel like receiving a paycheck so we muster on. Seriously though, it is normal for minds to wander and for productivity to dip during the hot summer months. Which is why we turn to our cloud based time and attendance software and reveal the top 3 ways it is keeping us cool.

#1: Time Off Accruals

We love looking at our time off accruals on the Employee Dashboard. Whether your company calls it PTO or paid leave, the point is the same: shorts, t-shirt, flip flops. Our summer intern doesn’t believe us that, at one time, employees filled out paper timesheets. “How did you know how much time off you had?” Great question from a young mind. She’s right. We didn’t.

#2: Visual Scheduler

We love looking at the colorful “Vacation” bar on our interactive Visual Scheduler. Some people write “vacation” on their wall calendars. But we love seeing that other people on our team aren’t scheduled for vacation on the same week we’re taking off. We get peace of mind knowing that there’ll be no workforce shortages.

#3: Overtime

For nonexempt employees, we love looking at all the overtime we’re putting in to cover for other vacationing employees. Our pay rates are clearly calculated on our timesheets right down to the second. That way, come payroll time, there will be no surprises in our check.

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