Minimize Your Overtime

Minimize Your Overtime

There are many factors that contribute to overtime.

Depending on your organization’s demands, overtime may be warranted, especially during seasonal spikes. Though overtime often cannot be eliminated, there are methods of reducing it in order to work within your allocated payroll budget.

A few overtime reduction methods include focusing on:

• Removing the ability to commit timesheet fraud and buddy punching

• Ineffective scheduling with employees scheduled to work overtime in advance

• Repeat scheduling of employees already in overtime when positions are open

Getting regular scheduled time and overtime hours correct is extremely important for employee productivity as well as your company’s bottom line. Also, these numbers are crucial for projecting accurate payroll taxes.

By focusing on these overtime reduction methods, you may be able to reduce your overtime costs. The ability to generate employee schedules quickly and easily can help you ensure you have the right amount of people working at the time you need them.

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