Time & Attendance for Holiday and End-of-Year Hiring

Holiday and end-of-year hiring can mean something different for every company or organization. Some end-of-year hiring involves adding workers in order to accommodate a retail rush, or handle merchandizing, manufacturing, shipping or distribution needs.

Holiday or end-of-year hiring can also help organizations manage staff shortages that happen because of vacations, anticipated sick days, or other temporary scheduling needs.

End-of-Year Workforce Management

Any time new people enter into the fold of your workflow, no matter what your professional environment is like, you typically want them to be able to jump in as seamlessly as possible.

  • No one wants new hires to feel lost in the maze of onboarding, or stuck trying to figure out how to use various workforce management systems. That includes your time & attendance software.
  • At the same time, you want to make sure that your workforce management systems are flexible enough to handle situations when the employee roster swells at different times of the year.

Below, we’ll explore some of the workforce management challenges that can happen when you’re adding people to your employee roster at the end of the year. We’ll also share three tips that can help minimize potential management issues, and bring new hires up to speed with your time & attendance policies and solution.

Time & attendance policies are meant to help employees understand how your organization handles things like scheduling, absences, and time theft. Is time theft costing your business money, or creating other kind of workforce issues? Take our Time Theft Test and learn more.

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Time & Attendance for Holiday Hires

Helping holiday hires get acquainted with workforce management tools, including your time & attendance software, can be an essential part of their onboarding experience. But what happens when time is of the essence, and you need holiday and end-of-year hires to jump in and contribute to a busy workflow right away?

Here are three tips that can ease the transition when your employee roster expands because of holiday or end-of-year hiring:

1. Make it easy for new hires to understand your time & attendance policies

Typically, time & attendance policies provide important guidelines and expectations for employees and managers to adhere to. What happens when new hires can’t find them?

Are your time & attendance policies on file and readily available?

Make sure that new hires know how and where to find your time & attendance policies, whether you use a company-wide intranet, employee portal, or share your time & attendance policies as part of your employee handbook, or other new hire orientation material.

  • When a seasonal hire must jump in during a busy time of year, being able to access and understand your time & attendance policies can save managers time, and can help you avoid employee management issues down the road.
  • When these hires see that you are clearly communicating your policies, they can gain a better sense of your organizational commitment to consistency and fairness where time & attendance is concerned.

2. Relying on a time & attendance software helps managers

During busy times of the year, you don’t want new employees to get bogged down trying to navigate processes and procedures. That’s one reason why many organizations rely on workforce management solutions that don’t require too steep of a learning curve. However, a simple solution doesn’t always equate to being an optimal choice, especially from management’s perspective.

Does your time & attendance solution provide managers with what they need?

 For starters, time & attendance software can help managers keep an eye on pay rates. This can be vital when employees have different pay rates..

  • A cloud-based time & attendance software such as stratustime can take account of different rates across the spectrum of your workforce.
  • stratustime also gives managers easy-to-use scheduling templates that all employees can follow, and that align with your overall time & attendance policies.

3. Choose a time & attendance software you can tailor to the changing shape of your workforce

 Any time you scale, you want to be sure that your workforce management tools scale with you. Otherwise, you can wind up with solutions that give you more than you need, or that lag behind when you’re growing.

How flexible is your time & attendance software?

 One of the key differences with stratustime is that it helps workers and managers achieve greater scheduling flexibility. This can be essential when you’re managing scheduling concerns at different times of year, and are trying to keep things as fair and equitable as possible because of holiday vacations.

  • The way you manage the schedule during the holidays can help you avoid payroll issues in case workers inadvertently kick into overtime pay.
  • stratustime lets employees check schedules and PTO accruals, swap shifts, and request time-off from their computers or personal mobile devices. This feature can help managers and employees stay ahead of issues related to shifts and absences.

When holiday and end-of-year hiring is essential to help you meet key business needs, make sure your time & attendance software works for managers, current workers, and the new members of your employee roster.

With a cloud-based time & attendance solution such as stratustime, you can help holiday and end-of-year hires fold into your workflow, while giving managers a time & attendance solution that will support their work all year around.


Holiday and end-of-year hires can play a big part in helping your organization end the year on a high note. Give us a call today and find out how we can put stratustime to work for you.

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