Add Value For Your HR Administrators

Add Value For Your HR Administrators

The scope of what HR encompasses goes beyond recruitment, staff administration, and payroll. In fact, your company’s HR administrator’s work is crucial to supporting the development of your organization.

That’s why improving their processes can be essential to facilitating strategic productivity levels. With organizations needing to respond quickly to the ever-changing market, your HR department is required to maintain and oversee a favorable working environment to continue the company’s progress.

Timesheet fraud, incorrect timesheet calculations, unauthorized attendance, buddy punching, excessive overtime, unreported time off, unexcused absences, unapproved or lengthy meal breaks, and scheduling incorrect employees are all a thing of the past.

Of course, that’s if all of these items are being done automatically. If not, the manual entry of any of these items can create room for error and further cost at some point down the line.

Reducing the time it takes to retrieve, enter and pull data can help your HR staff maximize their efficiency. Automation is the key for your HR administrators to start implementing process improvement.

A comprehensive time and attendance system needs to be able to handle your organization’s processes effectively and produce the results, analyses, and reports whenever they’re required.

Below is a simple checklist of items that a well-engineered system should have:

– Easily accessible

– Multiple permission levels

– Comprehensive and uninterrupted data flow

– Consolidates employee data automatically

– Shift and scheduling control

– Calculates time and wages based on your payroll policies

– Integrate with payroll software seamlessly

– Provide reports on metrics accurately

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