Avoid Unnecessary Payroll Errors with Automated Time and Attendance

Avoid Unnecessary Payroll Errors with Automated Time and Attendance

When was the last time you thanked your payroll department for getting your paycheck right? Unfortunately, we don’t take the time to say thank you when things go well — even extremely important things, like our paychecks. However, should something be amiss with your paystub, whether it’s a discrepancy between hours worked and hours paid, miscalculated overtime, or a mistake in PTO accruals, our payroll teams are certain to hear about these important issues.

I once worked closely with a company that had a payroll department of one sole employee, and this individual was responsible for both company payroll and accounts payable. In addition to an enormous workload, the company lacked the technology to help support this very hard-working employee. Little things would easily slip through the cracks. For instance, like many companies, this one had a PTO policy in which the amount you could accrue grew at various anniversary points within your tenure. It was not uncommon for an individual who had transitioned from his fourth year to his fifth year to miss out on additionally accrued PTO he had earned. In nearly all cases, the error was caught (either by the employee or the payroll manager), but it meant additional hours of work that had to be spent retroactively applying PTO accruals to individual employee banks. Employees became frustrated, now not trusting that any of their payroll was correct. For this one individual burdened with maintaining accurate payroll, these added stressors were certain to lead to disengagement and burnout.

This is where an automated time and attendance system is able to save the day. Had this company been using automated time and attendance, these PTO accrual policies would have been pre-set, and on the first day of this employee’s fifth year, his accrual rate would have changed accordingly. No extra work for the payroll manager means no unnecessary errors, no employee frustration, no disengagement, and an environment where all staff can stay focused on the work that matters most to the organization.

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