Improve Your Labor Management, Go Mobile!

Improve Your Labor Management, Go Mobile!

With over 450 million mobile workers globally, it is no longer superfluous to have access your labor management systems via a mobile device – it is necessary.

Effective communication between employees and managers is essential to resolving tasks quickly and accurately. With advanced time and attendance software that has mobile functionality, you can easily respond to shift requests, PTO requests, and view department schedules and key performance indicators in case you need a quick update on your weekly or monthly statistics.

Having this access while you’re traveling or are working outside of the office gives you the ability to manage projects while you’re on the go. And it’s not just built for managers either.

Employees can:

  • View their time cards
  • Clock in/out
  • Request time off
  • Review and/or assign job costing

It’s time to improve your labor management and get on-the-go access for all of your time reporting and management needs. Upgrade to an advanced time and attendance system that has a mobile interface.

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