Time and Attendance Software Integration With HR Software

Time and Attendance Software Integration With HR Software

Human resources (HR) software keeps a uniform, consistent record of each employee. The information can include trainings, manager evaluations, and salary package. A cloud based time and attendance software automatically integrates with HR software, providing a better look into employee performance.In the past, an employee file had two time stamps: start date and end date. But with the wide availability of time and attendance data, it only makes sense to integrate that information into a personnel record.

For example, time and attendance details can help with:

  • Decision making on salary increases and bonuses in payroll
  • Performance evaluations by shift supervisors for overtime
  • Alerts for upcoming trainings, medical checkups, and/or license renewals

Time and attendance data can even help HR managers with future hiring decisions. After all, the race for top talent is on in the competitive landscape. And the more information you have about a “day in the life” of certain positions –– such as when and where time is spent –– this can help you target your recruiting practices.

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